R3E online racing (2)

Another couple of videos from the RacingFR-Online TT Cup championship: a trailer and the live broacast of the 3rd leg at the Spielberg Red Bull Ring.

Race 1 at 52:00 and race 2 at 1:44:50

Again Philip Ellis was too fast for us ^^

Si vous êtes francophone et que vous aimez le simracing, faites une petite visite sur http://www.racingfr.net et pourquoi pas un open avec nous.


R3E online racing

I have not updated this blog for a while. I will do in the next days. Meanwhile here is a video of the last R3E race in the last RFRO league, which was lots of fun. Commentaries are in French, race 1 is at 00:49:00 and race 2 at 01:17:00

And here is the video of the first couple of races (English commentaries) :

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