Lola Aston Martin DBR1-2 LMS 2009

Lola-Aston-Martin-DBR1-2-2009 by LeSunTzu
Lola-Aston-Martin-DBR1-2-2009-2 by LeSunTzu

This magnificent model is Gutz’s second version of the famous 2009 Lola Aston Martin LMP1. I wish I could make 3D models of this quality.

It was great to update the textures on this beauty for the prototype SCC mod.

The skin is based on the Nürburgring race, where the three engaged Lola Aston Martin finished at the first three places.


Drayson Lola 2009

Here is a skin I made on the JPBS Lola model for the next release of the Prototype SCC mod. Too bad, the model is a 08/60 used for a 09/60, so it does not match completely the real car.
Drayson-Lola-2009-1 by LeSunTzu
Drayson-Lola-2009-2 by LeSunTzu

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