BMW E30 Group A – Equipo Sony BMW – Pep Bassas – CET 1994

This skin has been sitting, 3/4 done, on my HD for several months. Here it is, finished at last.

BMW E30 M3 DTM - Equipo Sony BMW - Pep Bassas - CET 1994

This car was driven by Pep Bassas in the 1994 Spanish touring championship.

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BMW M3 Group A – Equipo Santa Lucia – CET 1993

Screenshot_bmw_m3_e30_dtm_monza_9-2-2014-11-44-54 by LeSunTzu

A couple of skins based on the cars driven by Rafael Barrios and Alain Ferté during the 1993 season of the Spanish touring championship. Race gear and helmets are added to bring some variety on track, but there are very approximate (lack of reference pics and different helmet model for Alain Ferté).

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Screenshot_bmw_m3_e30_dtm_mugello_9-2-2014-11-53-5 by LeSunTzu

Screenshot_bmw_m3_e30_dtm_monza_9-2-2014-11-48-5 by LeSunTzu

BMW M3 Group A – E. Balcazar – CET 1992

Screenshot_bmw_m3_e30_s1_mugello_24-1-2014-23-9-40 by LeSunTzu
Screenshot_bmw_m3_e30_s1_mugello_24-1-2014-23-4-39 by LeSunTzu
Screenshot_bmw_m3_e30_dtm_monza_24-1-2014-23-43-43 by LeSunTzu

Another entry in the 1992 Spanish touring car championship, that was driven by Eduardo Balcazar.

The real car was at group A specs but retained street mirrors. Since it is so far impossible to mix models and specs in Assetto Corsa, I made both versions:

Group A: