Porsche 911 GT3 Cup – Team Jebsen – Yuey Tan – PCCA 2016

I like very much the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, with its nice venues, colorful cars and remarkable drivers. I have skinned a few PCCA cars on the Flat6 Enduracers mod and could not resist making one for the Assetto Corsa model even if it is the 2017 model and 2017 liveries are not out yet.

Porsche GT3 Cup - Team Jebsen - Yuey Tan - PCCA 2016 (3)

The skin is based on one of the cars engaged by Team Jebsen, ie the one driven by Yuey Tan from Singapore.

Porsche GT3 Cup - Team Jebsen - Yuey Tan - PCCA 2016 (4)

Here is a quick presentation of the real deal by the driver himself:

Yuey Tan was the 2015 B champion, but 2016 was not nearly as successful. A few strokes of bad luck even deprived him of a place on the B podium.

Porsche GT3 Cup - Team Jebsen - Yuey Tan - PCCA 2016

Download links:


PCCA 2013 – Earl Bamber – Nexus Craft

PCCA-2013-Bamber by LeSunTzu
PCCA-2013-Bamber-2 by LeSunTzu


Let’s start it with a car that will be remembered. It wears impressive war paint and it was used by Bamber to successfully storm PCCA 2013.

Warning: the files have the same names as the skin of Bamber’s car at the Shanghai finale, which I released a few months ago. So back up the prior skin if you want to keep it.

DL link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/z11qfz4fqtf76xo/PCCA+2013+Bamber+%28Nexus+Craft%29.rar

PCCA 2013 – Li Zhi Cong – Kamlung team

PCCA-2013-Li-Zhi-Cong by LeSunTzu
PCCA-2013-Li-Zhi-Cong-(2) by LeSunTzu

This skin shows the limit of rFactor 1 because the real livery reflects light but not the environment, something that cannot be tuned for an individual skin in rF. I hope that Enduracers will port their flat6 mod to a more recent game next year ^_^.

The real car was driven by Li Zhi Cong, the reigning GT Asia champion.

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/swaq2k62s1x1acb/PCCA+2013+Li+Zhi+Cong.rar