Hi, thanks for visiting this site!

This is the place where I keep all the little stuff I made as a hobby for simracing game mods.

I used to make skins are some modelling for games like rFactor and GTR2. Nowadays you will mainly find skins for Assetto Corsa.

Have fun and do not hesitate to drop a comment, good or bad.

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  1. Chimas says:

    Hi LeSunTzu,
    I am a HW2 modder and would like to know which ships you have designed and if I can use them in a MOD, more specifically the light carrier at Complex and the Assault Carrier at MS Warfare. As far as I could track down, you made it.
    Send me an e-mail so we can talk about this issue. You can also add me to skype thru this.

  2. José Carlos Macedo says:

    Hi LeSunTzu:
    I`m doing a major job converting all the Enduracers Flat6 GT3 rFactor Mod to the GTR2 Platform aswell but only for private usage and maybe later also for private sites….nothing more than that. The car is still converted and all the work with the full skinpacks is done, including some ALMS skins painted here and there.
    I would like to ask you for your permition for using your skins in order to complete an Asian Carrera Cup too. Would you mind if i use them for that purpose, giving you all the proper credits for doing them?


    1. lesuntzu says:

      Hi Jose,
      I suppose you do not know I am part of the Enduracers team working on SP3… :-)))
      Thanks for asking but the answer can only be negative.

  3. José Carlos Macedo says:

    No mate, i did not know that you were a part of enduracers team and i`m glad you are. You guys did and still doing a great and awesome job and allow me to take this opportunity to express the shame I felt when you had that sad episode with Porsche AG. 😦
    Anyway I had to pose this question to you, cause I don`t like to use the work of others without their authorization cause i know what is to see our own work in other hands without no credits at all.
    Thanks anyway for your time answering me, despite the negative permitin to use your skins.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Lee,

    Great Job with the skin. I just recently launch a D1 drift pack for AC. I am wondering if you are interested in doing some high quality skin for our cars?

    All the Best,

    1. lesuntzu says:

      Thanks for the offer, however I already have a long to-do list and not enough time ^^

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