Toyota GT86 – Inging Motorsport

Toyota GT86 - Inging Motorsport

This skin is based on the Inging Motorsport demo 86 and features Inging’s lovely mascot Miu.

I initially thought it was a good time to release this skin to celebrate both joyful events: the Super Formula title won by the Inging driver Hiroaki Ishiura and Miu’s birthday (even if she is forever nineteen).

After yesterday night’s killings in my hometown Paris, my mood is not so frivolous now.

I’ll just take the opportunity to say that being French and Parisian means to me, among other things, that I’m free to enjoy a football game, to go to a hard rock concert, to drink a glass of alcohol with friends, to enjoy the sight of a sexy lady if she fancies to be lightly dressed. In my life time in Paris, there have been terrorist coward killings in rue des Rosiers, on the Champs-Elysées, within the RER, at Charlie Hebdo and in the super casher store, etc, and we have not stepped back a single step. So if the murderers think they have any chance to force us to change and renege our freedom, they are making a big mistake.

Toyota GT86 - Inging Motorsport (3)

Toyota GT86 - Inging Motorsport (2)

Toyota GT86 - Inging Motorsport (4)

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