PCCA 2013 – Li Zhi Cong – Kamlung team

PCCA-2013-Li-Zhi-Cong by LeSunTzu
PCCA-2013-Li-Zhi-Cong-(2) by LeSunTzu

This skin shows the limit of rFactor 1 because the real livery reflects light but not the environment, something that cannot be tuned for an individual skin in rF. I hope that Enduracers will port their flat6 mod to a more recent game next year ^_^.

The real car was driven by Li Zhi Cong, the reigning GT Asia champion.

Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/swaq2k62s1x1acb/PCCA+2013+Li+Zhi+Cong.rar

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  1. Mike Hoare says:

    Hi LeSunTzu,

    I have converted your PCCA skins onto the GTR2 conversion of the Flat6 Enduracers Mod. At the moment I have done it for my private use, but I would like to know if I may have your permission to release it, with full credits to you, on the EEC site?

    Please let me know whether this is possible and of course I will respect any decision or conditions you may request.

    Happy New year to you,


    (aka TopMarque)

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