PCCA 2013 – Sebastien Loeb – Macau GP

PCCA-2013-Loeb-2 by LeSunTzu
PCCA-2013-Loeb by LeSunTzu

Sebastien Loeb got an invite to drive the VIP PCCA car at the non-championship race part of the 60th Macau Grand Prix.

He was P3 in qualification and P2 in the race, second only to Earl Bamber who was unstoppable this year (at least by legitimate means – if you watched the GT race, you know what I mean ;-)). He is not called Loeb for nothing.

The download link for the skin: http://www.mediafire.com/download/no4wfdhcd4z4u9m/PCCA+2013+Loeb.rar

A reminder: all PCCA skins released here work with the Enduracer Flat6 mod.

And a video of the full race:


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